by Michael B. Smith

Michael B. Smith is a master craftsman and contractor of venetian plaster

With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the trade, he's ready to help today

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Old world look and feel of venetian plaster

Venetian Plaster performs well in wet climates and humidity, while providing a natural resistence to mold because it's based on the natural minerals of lime and marble.

What is venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster is difficult for me to describe in just a few short words. I can tell you that it's a just a combination of lime and marble, that is pigmented with natural earth elements, and is applied with a trowel to the surface of your walls.

Unlike paint or wallpaper

Or I can also tell you that real Venetian plaster is a far contrast from just paint out of a can, because it offers not only just color, but a multi dimensional emotional feeling of warmth, depth, and a overall euphoric feeling of well being when residing in a room that has been finished with our product.

The possibilities are unlimited with your keen designs

Venetian plaster is an exciting old world material that will last the life of the structure.



I love this simple guest bedroom done in warm colors, which reminds me of serenity and an overall feeling of wellness.


Dining Rooms

A much more complex design integrating the elements of wood and metal while using multiple colors of plaster with emphasis on architectual details.



This smooth polished finish makes an old world material modern by todays standards.

Michael B. Smith

With over 2 decades of experience with ventian plaster, Michael is the master craftsman of the trade


Projects Completed

Michael has done projects for many famous Hollywood actors and the Beverly Hotel


Custom Colors

Almost any color you can imagine can be made or choose a stock color


Rolls of tape

Days are spent carefully masking your house in preparation for plaster

See Michael's work on the website Houzz where once again Michael showcases even more projects and reviews for you to critique and diliberate contact.

Beware of imitations Now you can get cheap Venetian plaster that sort of looks like the real thing, but a well trained eye can spot the difference, and your heart can feel the difference as well. We apply the world's best plaster, and use old world techniques to hard burnish the plaster into the wall as it cures, to create sort of a pearl like finish. The combination of the world's finest plaster, natural earth based pigments, and specially formulated carnauba wax create a multi-dimensional depth of field, in which areas fluctuate in color, depth and intensity as the source of light changes from natural sunlight to lightbulbs.

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